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      Foot control

      • Foot control Manufacturers, Foot control Factory, Supply Foot control
      Foot control
      • Coinfycare
      • China
      • 30-40 days
      • 1000 pcs
      • Foot control

      Foot control of medical table


        Important design factors of Foot control for medical use, include Weight, Cleaning/storage requirements, Mobility, Stability, Sealing, Drainage, Compliance with Medical Standards, Actuator operating forces, Actuator style/location, Ergonomics and user comfort, Patient safety and User characteristics.


        For cleaning to be effective and easy-to-accomplish, the Foot control design must consider:

        The shape and contours of the Foot control unit.

        The clearance spacing between the actuators and between the actuators and their host console.

        The drainage of the Foot control surfaces.

        The level of sealing integrity.

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